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Beer Belly

Beer BellyHave you ever been asked about your due date, only to reply that you weren’t pregnant?  Maybe a child, full of innocence, wanted to know what you were hiding under your shirt.  Have you ever felt the need to laugh at yourself, claiming that after working so hard to achieve your belly, there was no way you wanted to let it go?  If any of these things have happened to you, then you must be afflicted with the syndrome known as beer belly. How did it happen?  What can you do to fix it?  If you have ever asked yourself these questions then this is the website for you.

Is there any truth in the name?  Is a big beer gut really the result of drinking beer?  While this is not entirely the cause, the calories in the high consumption of beer can contribute to the excess fat found around the belly.

Are men the only ones affected with the dreaded beer belly?  Beer bellies are more prevalent in men than women.  This is because when a man gains excess weight, it usually settles in the abdominal region.  However, when a female puts on a few extra pounds, it tends to show around the thighs, butt, and hips.

Beer BelliesWhat can you do to start losing that beer belly?  First, put down the pint, bottle or mug.  Beer is empty calories.  The best way to start losing that unhealthy pouch is to change your diet.  Eat healthy foods, avoid a high intake of calories and cut down on food and drink of no nutritional value.  Yes, I’m talking about the beer.  Even light beers contain calories.  If you are tired of people thinking that you are expecting, you need to start exercising as well.

I know how hard you have worked to achieve your huge beer gut.  After all, you have probably been working on it since college.  If you just can’t seem to leave it all behind, then try to make at least a little change.  Not ready to entirely give up the cold one?  Just remember to drink in moderation. Any more than that, and your beer belly may just take on a mind of it’s own. Also, lastly if you need more information or ways to lose that belly- this website will be your best friend!

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