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Beer belly is something that you get for free for keeping a loyal relationship with beer. In fact, no matter what race, age, or ethnicity you are, this is something most of the beer drinkers have in common. The horrendous effect of this habit becomes more and more prominent as you age. Beer belly causes abdominal obesity in some cases.

Beer Belly CausesBeer is one of the most common and standard alcoholic beverage in the entire world. In fact, it would not be wrong to call it the “liquid bread”. Before looking at the solution, it is absolutely necessary to truly understand what caused the problem. Is it purely beer? Or is beer just something that acts as an accelerator? Well, let’s look at it through a scientific lens. First, here is a fact- Beer has a lot of calories. In fact, to be specific, beer has a lot of un-nutritious calories. Your body stores these calories as fat. A person gains weight when they ingest more calories than they burn.

Calories are used as energy by the body. On an ideal person who leads a healthy and active life, these calories will be burnt when he or she works out. But if you are a person who leads a non- active life, there is no way for the body to burn all those calories. Hence, it stores it as fat.

Beer Belly CausesAlso, you are more likely to consume alcoholic beverages in a social situation, and realistically at most parties, you don’t have salads, instead you have very high caloric, fatty food. So after engaging in alcoholic beverages, you also eat the unhealthy food. That’s caloric overload right there.  Furthermore, drinking on an empty stomach not only makes you intoxicated faster, but it also makes you eat more. Here’s why:  alcohol is seen as a toxin (or poison) by your body. Right from the moment you ingest it, your body tries everything to excrete it.  Alcohol has a lot of calories. So when it enters your system, it goes directly to the blood, which increases the blood sugar level. Seeing this, your body begins to secrete more and more insulin. Insulin is needed to absorb that excess blood sugar. Thus, this results in a low blood sugar state (hypoglycemia). This makes your body send hunger signals to brain because low blood sugar means no more fuel. Thus you overeat what is one of the main beer belly causes.

Also, remember that alcohol is a depressant. It slows down your body’s metabolism; hence slowing down the burning of fat. Here is another beer belly cause that is a strong reason why you gain weight when you drink. Beer contains small traces of estrogen in it; this can result in weight gain as well making estrogen another of beer belly causes.

So, there you have it. Those are most of the beer belly causes. The solution to it remains the same as with any other weight loss: a transition to a healthy lifestyle. This transition does not have to be sudden. Make it small. Take tiny steps. Your body has to break a cycle that has become a habit now; this will take time. Also, off course the best thing you can do is to give up alcohol all together. But I know it won’t be practical for a lot of people. So what you can do is switch to light beer, or eat before drinking. Also including food items like onions, cabbage, garlic, berries, leafy greens, citrus fruits, raw nuts, hemp seeds, and broccoli in your diet will help fight that additional estrogen that you get from beer.

So make that transition slow. Beer belly causes are not that hard to eradicate. The important part is to make the first step. If you don’t, then be ready to face the consequences!

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